Northeast Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference – USA
May 24, 2024 -
May 25, 2024
George Mason University - Fairfax, VA
Host: Dr. David Porter and Dr. Mark Jenkins
<span>Northeast Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference – USA</span>


ITEA shall foster bonds among all tuba and euphonium players, create enthusiasm for the instruments and its performers, celebrate diversity, support professional development, promote the sharing of resources, and encourage teaching and learning about the instruments.



Proposals for the 2024 NERTEC are CLOSED. Thank you for all of the proposals we have received.  We have 28 recitalists/clinicians/masterclasses/presenters!  This NERTEC promises to be an innovating and motivational event! Spread the word and we look forward to seeing, hearing, and visiting with you!


Competition Entries are closed. Competitors MUST pay the $50 regular registration. Thank you to all who entered!

Competition categories:

Student Solo Competition, Artist Solo Competition, Mock Band Euphonium Competition, Mock Band Tuba Competition, Mock Orchestra Tuba Competition, Chamber Ensemble Tuba/Euphonium Competition Open and close date for all Recorded Round Competitions Open January 15, 2024 – Closed April 1, 2024 Send all recordings to Dr. David Porter, and Dr. Mark Jenkins, Audio or Video fine, but audio preferred

Competition Cost

$30 entry fee / an additional $50 if selected for live round solo competition to cover collaborative pianist / competitors must also register for the regular $50 registration fee

Music Selections for competitions

  • Student Solo Competition (age limit of 18 by May 23)
    • Recorded Round (no piano needed)
      • Tuba
        • Air and Bouree by J.S. Bach/arr. William Bell
      • Euphonium
        • Recorded Round (both selections): Voxman Selected Studies -Etude in G minor; Nicholas Falcone: Mazurka
    • Final Live Round (with provided pianist – $50 fee)
      • Tuba
        • Emmett’s Lullaby by G.E. Holmes
      • Euphonium
        • Vincent Bach: Hungarian Melodies
  • Artist Solo Competition (age bracket of 19 and above May 23)
    • Recorded Round (no piano needed)
      • Tuba
        • The Storm King “Grand Fantasia” by Justice Ringleben Jr. (piece is discontinued but may be available with J.W. Pepper—check with Dr. Porter if you cannot find it)
      • Euphonium
        • David Gillingham: Blue Lake Fantasies, Mvts. 1, 2
    • Final Live Round (with provided pianist, $50 fee)
      • Tuba
        • Concerto for Tuba, Mvt. I, Declaration by Anthony O’Toole (available from the composer at
      • Euphonium
        • Joseph Horovitz: Euphonium Concerto
If the mock excerpt link doesn’t open, copy and paste in your own browser. OR email David Porter,, and he will send pdf direct.
  • Mock Band Euphonium Competition (all ages)
  • Click here for pdf excerpts
  • Recorded Round
    • Holst 2nd Suite in F, 1st Mvt: March-Solo at E
    • Vaughan Williams: Toccata Marziale-beginning through rehearsal 5
    • Schumann: When Jesus Wept-Meno Mosso through to 3rd bar of reh. 100o
  • Live Round
    • Holst: Chaconne, from 1s Suite in E-flat
    • Schoenberg: Theme and Variations, Var. V
    • Williams/arr. Lavender: Olympic Fanfare and Theme
    • Grainger/Rogers: Molly on the Shore
    • Respighi/Duker: The Pines Near a Catacomb from The Pines of Rome
    • Sousa: Pride of the Wolverines
If the mock excerpt link doesn’t open, copy and paste in your own browser. OR email David Porter,, and he will send pdf direct.
  • Mock Band Tuba Competition (all ages)
  • Click here for pdf excerpts
  • Recorded Round
    • Music Man Excerpts (Between Brackets)
    • Voice of the Guns by Kenneth J. Alford (Between Brackets)
    • Come Sunday by Omar Thomas, Mvt. I, Testimony, Mvt. II, Shout (Between Brackets)
  • Live Round
    • Third Symphony by James Barnes, Mvt. I, page 4 (Between Brackets)
    • With Trump and Wing by Jack Stamp (Between Brackets)
    • Rocky Point Holiday by Ron Nelson (Between Brackets)
    • After the Thunderer by Ira Hearshen (Between Brackets)
If the mock excerpt link doesn’t open, copy and paste in your own browser. OR email David Porter,, and he will send pdf direct.
  • Mock Orchestra Tuba Competition (all ages)
  • Click here for pdf excerpts
  • Recorded Round
    • Symphony No. 8 in C minor by Anton Bruckner, Selected Excerpts (Between Brackets)
    • Symphony IV, Tchaikovsky, Selected Excerpts (Between Brackets)
  • Live Round
    • Mahler 2, Selected Excerpts (Between Brackets)
    • Berlioz, Court of the Secret Judges (Selected Excerpt)
    • Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet, Selected Excerpts (Between Brackets)
  • Chamber Ensemble (tuba/euphonium quartets—no conductor allowed)
    • Recorded Round – choice of piece that is no longer than 6 minutes and displays groups best potential
    • Final Live Round
      • Quartet –  Brian Balmages: Wind Sketches, all movements

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Schedules are at this link.  If it does not work, please email Dr. David Porter at to receive a schedule.  NOTE:  the schedule will be updated regularly to accommodate changes in guest artists, proposal, and competitor’s appearances. Greetings ITEA members and NERTEC attendees As the hosts of the Northeastern Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference, we reaffirm our commitment to providing a safe learning and performance environment for all attendees. All guidance points of the ITEA Code of Conduct ITEA Code of Conduct ( will be enforced during activities at the conference. Transparency and safety measures are unlocking all conference assigned rooms and rolling up window coverings both interior and exterior. We require all attendees to actively participate in fostering an atmosphere of respect, inclusivity, and professionalism throughout the conference. We are excited about the NERTEC 2024 and are secure in providing a fulfilling and safe conference experience!  


Residence Inn Fairfax City, 3565 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, VA, 22030. (703)267-2525. $159 plus tax per night. You are with the Northeast Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference 2024. If the link doesn’t work, call Residence Inn. Other hotels in the area (no special rates): Hilton Fairfax (703-272-5689), Springfield Suites by Marriott (703-691-7880), Hilton Springfield (703-971-8900), Holiday Inn Express Fairfax City (833-344-0556, Hampton Inn Fairfax City (855-516-1090), Best Western Fairfax City (703-591-5500) All participants, performers, presenters are responsible for their own expenses.


Cherry Blossom Brass Band, David Bandman, Justin Benavidez, Lloyd Bone, Brian Bowman, Zach Bridges, Kevin Chiarizzio, James Cipriano, Dan Burdick, Bijan Daneshvar, Marty Erickson, Laura Fallon, George Mason University Tuba Euphonium Ensemble, Andrew Hitz, Tom Holtz, James Madison Tuba Euphonium Quartet, Mark Jenkins, Brandon Jones, Andrew Lyster, Daniel Mentzer, John Mangonon, Mike Nickens, Ryan McGeorge, Tom McGrady, Jasmine Pigott, David Porter, Adam Robles, Kevin Stees, David Stern, Chris Troiano, US Army Band Tuba Euphonium Quartet, US Marine Band Jazz Combo, US Navy Band Tuba Euphonium Quartet, Mike Waddell, Simon Wildman, Steve Wilkinson, Jonah Zimmerman   Pianists Dr. Mirtcheva-Blevins, Ms. Ga Young Lee


Baltimore Brass Company, Doug Elliott Mouthpieces, Besson/B&S/& Melton Meinl Weston, Chuck Levins Washington Music Center, Adam Frey Music, Foxes Music Company  


All performers, presenters, adjudicators, attendees, and competitors must be an ITEA member. This will be designated on the registration form. IF not already an ITEA member, you can join at the registration desk upon arrival, and then register for $50. Competition entries–if selected for live round, the live round contestants will each need to register the $50 regular registration fee. Solo final round contestants will owe an additional $50 for the NERTEC pianist which will be payable by check to GMUTEE. $50 each for all regular participants-Online Registrations taken till May 23 day before NERTEC. After that it is walkin registration. Walkins welcome for $50 and must join ITEA. $30 each person for accepted proposal/presentation winners and proposal performing student ensembles. $30 for each student whether performing or not. $1 for invited presenters/performers, for adjudicators of competitions, and ITEA life members.


Click on a competition below to read details and submit your entry. If the competition has a preliminary, recorded round, you will be notified if you have progressed to the second, live round. You might then be eligible for a reduced conference registration fee.

Registering and paying for conference admission is done separately. See below.

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