This is ITEA

ITEA - International Tuba & Euphonium Association

Officially founded in 1973 as the Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association, the International Tuba Euphonium Association is dedicated to promoting and advancing the tuba and euphonium instruments. The organization comprises performers, educators, students, and amateurs of all backgrounds. As a non-profit organization, it is supported by membership dues and donations.

ITEA Mission Statement

ITEA shall foster bonds among all tuba and euphonium players, create enthusiasm for the instruments and its performers, celebrate diversity, support professional development, promote the sharing of resources, and encourage teaching and learning about the instruments.

Serpent that decorated the front page of of the earliest ITEA Journals

ITEA strategic plans

Foster Bonds Among All Tuba and Euphonium Players

  • Encourage local groups of all types, chapters, and other relevant activities
  • Provide opportunities for networking locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Maintain an interactive website and a social media presence
  • Partner with peer organizations worldwide

Celebrate Diversity

  • Welcome members of any nationality, race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation
  • Welcome members of all playing levels, from beginners to professionals
  • Celebrate and actively promote the diverse musical styles of euphonium and tuba players worldwide
  • Include members from all financial backgrounds

Support Professional Development

  • Provide performance, teaching, presentation, and academic publishing opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for professional training and development
  • Acknowledge individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the art and the profession

Promote Sharing of Resources

  • Manage an online searchable database of Archives/Research materials and of articles, pedagogical, inspirational, historical, and learning materials
  • Provide and promote an online resource for band directors and conductors concerning recruiting to and improving their tuba / euphonium sections
  • Publish a journal
  • Distribute a periodical email newsletter
  • Provide useful services to members that are not provided successfully by commercial entities
  • Encourage and support new compositions for instruments in the tuba-euphonium family
ITEA Journal 43:3

Encourage Teaching and Learning

  • Help facilitate meetings between students and teachers
  • Help organize diverse international and regional conferences and gatherings that allow for the sharing of music, pedagogy, inspiration, community, scholarship, and innovation
  • Create a “borrow an instrument” program to support talented and deserving students
  • Promote scholarships and awards through competitions and by application