The purposes of tubists universal brotherhood association : development, literature, performance

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UNC Greensboro

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The purpose of this project was to document the purposes of Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association, currently known as the International Tuba Euphonium Association, from 1973-2012, and to analyze the effectiveness of the organization in fulfilling the purposes found in its original mission statement. A short history of the organization, along with definitions of the parameters of the project is included. The primary print publication of the organization, the Journal, was examined for evidence of the organization’s fulfillment of its mission statement. The original mission statement of the organization was very specific to the written goals of the organization, allowing the writers of articles for the Journal to have clearly defined areas of focus. The articles found within the Journal were examined and categorized into one or more of the purposes found in the mission statement. The results of this research demonstrate that TUBA/ITEA was successful in fulfilling the purposes found in the organization’s original mission statement. The articles also reflect that the quantity and quality of articles generally grew over the decades. Further, it is recognized that the organization was able to bring about a more scholarly approach to fulfilling its mission statement. These two outcomes indicate that the members of the tuba and euphonium community will benefit from a documented history of the Journal of the organization. Two areas for further study were identified. First, there were many compositions that were freely distributed with the Journal, known as the “Gem Series.” An opportunity exists for scholarly review and analysis of these compositions. Second, an all-inclusive history of the organization would be beneficial, which would include a full listing of personnel involved in leadership positions throughout the organization’s history.