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Journals – adding and editing

Adding a new journal to the website

  1. Click on Journal > Add New
  2. Add Title, Year, Volume, Issue, Journal cover text and editor
  3. Add the journal cover as Featured Image
  4. Click the blue button named Update when finished

Editing a journal

  1. Click on Journal > Journal
  2. Search or browse to find the journal you want to edit
  3. Click edit
  4. Make your edits
  5. Click Update when finished

Adding an article to a journal

  1. Click Posts > Add new
  2. Write the title and content of the article
  3. Add Author. This is the name of the author, can be more than one.
  4. Add Tags. These are tags describing the content.
  5. Add Journal. This is the hierarcy of the journal. Ex ITEA Journal Volume 45
    45:2 Winter 2018
  6. Add Category. Check ITEA Journal Archive and sub category (Columns etc)
  7. Add Instrument. Add which instrument is featured in the article.
  8. Set ARMember Access Rules to Default restriction: On, Then check all membership plans except Users Having No Plan and Free community guest.
  9. Add featured image
  10. Add Journal. At the end of the page there is a Frame called “Parent journal”. Here you can either add a new journal or connect to an existing one.
  11. Click Publish