To the Editor:

Greetings from Italy. One of my favourite sections of the Journal is the “Programs” section, diligently organized by Velvet Brown. It’s always interesting to see what colleagues have played in the past year. However, I must ask the real purpose of this section… if it’s intended as an archive of past performances, fine. In this sense it also serves to promote young artists and allows them to document their concert activity (you’d need to add a few pages to each Journal to present all of the solo concerts for established artists like Steven Mead, for example).

I wish that it were instead possible to publish upcoming concerts rather than those that have already taken place. In this past Journal (the fall issue, received by me in December…), we had reports of concerts in May and June, not to mention a concert at the Vinson Family Fish Fry… Might it not be more to the point to publish news of upcoming concerts? T hat way, the column would serve not only as a permanent record solo and ensemble performances but would also allow ITEA members to plan to attend their colleagues’ performances. It would be great to play an engagement in BoIzano, Italy and meet after the gig an ITEA member from Santiago, Chile who happened to be in the area and had heard of the concert in the pages of the Journal…
Just a thought,
Emily Harris

From the Editor:

Thanks to Emily Harris for here ontinuing positive thoughts and contributions to ITEA! A couple of comments relative to this letter:

1) We certainly should have addressed the problem of the late arrival of the Fall issue of the Journal in many, many mailboxes, both on the East Coast of the U.S, and for most members outside the U.S, in the Winter issue. We ran into some serious and new procedural difficulties due to the aftermath of September 11.Neither our offices nor our mailing service received advance notice of changes, thus creating the difficulty. Hopefully this is all straightened out by now. Please do let the Treasurer’s office know, preferably by e-mail, if your Journal is unreasonably late in arriving.

2) Relative to the issue of information on upcoming concerts, in past issues of the Journal we have from time to time asked the membership to let us know what’s coming up in various parts of the world, envisioning exactly the scenario Emily poses in the closing sentence of her letter (most recently on page 9 of the Winter, 2002 issue and in a column by Marty Erickson in the last volume of the Journal). This would be ideal – but we need to hear from everyone! I know of no other organization journal that’s “getting the word out in advance” really successfully. It would be great if ours could be thefirst, but we need our readers’ assistance. Please refer to the deadlines in thefront oftheJournal, and send information about upcoming events to our news editor, Joe Skillen. Note that, under ordinary circumstances, we mail the Journal in early to mid October (fall), early to mid January (winter), early to mid April (spring) , and early to mid July (summer).