Øystein Baadsvik – Complete Tuba Method

Your online guide to mastering the tuba. Personal mentoring, Technique, musicality, preparation, repertoire tutorials
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Øystein Baadsvik is voted one of the top ten brass players in history by the listeners on Classic FM. Øystein did the world’s first TEDx talk on the topic of tuba, and is one of YouTube’s most popular brass musicians with more than seven million views. His multi-faceted musical career as a soloist and recording artist has taken him all over the world. He regularly gives masterclasses and clinics at major universities worldwide.
Teaching Specialties:
Mastering the tuba ********************* In-depth explanations and exercises where I will be teaching you, just as if you were coming to my personal studio for lessons. I walk you through step by step how to practice each exercise and the most efficient ways to become better and faster in your technical work. Posture, breathing, sound production, warmup, low register, high register, legato, articulation, clarity, intonation, flexibility, trills, vibrato, double tonguing, playing fast, and much more. For each topic there is a part called “10 minutes to success”. This tells you in detail how to practice that particular part of your playing to get lasting results after only 10 minutes a day for 3 months. From dots on a paper to a life-changing performance ********************* How do you bring the music to life and how do you “tell a musical story”? Here I am drawing from my 30 years of experience as a soloist to teach you my approach to crafting a great performance. From building and releasing energy to effective use of the complete musical toolbox. We also go in depth into the different musical styles and musical characters, and how to recognise and use them in the music. It is all about your passion for music – and how to turn that passion into concerts that can transform people’s lives. From daily practicing to planning your career ********************* How do you get as good as possible in the shortest possible amount of time? How do you plan a concert? How do you get gigs? In addition to practicing strategies, you will get tips on how to deal with stress and nervousness, preparing a concert, memorizing music, developing a stage presence, dealing with different acoustics and everything else that happens before the concert. In depth solo repertoire tutorials ********************* After having judged hundreds of international solo competitions I have noticed that players often make the exact same mistakes in the music. My goal is to help you avoid these, and to help you take the piece to the next level. I will go over the basic technical challenges as well as the more advanced musical concepts, such as shaping the music, style, characters, rubato and dynamics. This now contains hours of video covering the standard solo repertoire, including the Vaughan Williams tuba concerto. I will be constantly expanding with more music. As a Lifetime Member, you can also suggest new repertoire.
Teaching on these student levels:
Amateur/Enthusiast, Beginner, Intermediate, High School, College/university student, Professional
See web site: https://academy.baadsvik.com
Tuba, Euphonium, Sousaphone, Baritone

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