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Groups are great to create sub-communities within the ITEA website. It can be a geographical group, tying together members from a certain area, it can be a group for people with a special interest or special tasks within ITEA, or just your personal group with your friends.

Join a group

To join a group, you can either accept an invitation, apply to become a member of an existing group, or create your own group.

Accept an invitation to a group

When you receive an invitation you will receive an email with the invitation.
The email should look something like this:

Follow the instructions if you want to check out the group and decide if you want to accept the invitation.

If you have a pending invitation, you will see a notification bell on top of the screen after logging in. Clicking on the bell will take you to the notification center, where you can accept or decline invitations.

Apply for access to an existing group

Go here: and click on the group you want to join.

To the right on the screen, you will see a button with the text: Request Access. Click on that and await acceptance. Remember that you can not take access for granted. This is up to the group manager.

The button will look like this:

…for a private group, or this:
…for a public group.

Create your own group

If you have a topic that might be interesting for others you can create your own group. You can do this by going here after logging in:

Click on Create a Group and follow the instructions.

Note that only full, paying members of ITEA can create groups. Guests can join.

Add content to your group

After creating or joining a group you will see this menu on the group page:

The menu items are pretty self-explaining. Poke around!

Group notification settings

When creating or replying to a discussion you can opt to receive notifications about replies on email.

Just check this box on the message box.

All notifications are shown on the top of the page, whether you have received an email notification or not.

For general notification settings go here.