ITEA Composer Friends

ITEA Composer Friends
David Zerkel, ITEA Vice-President Elect

One of the aspects that the ITEA leadership feels most strongly about is having you feel that your membership in the organization enhances the resources provided at your fingertips as a tuba or euphonium player. Your continued membership is very important to the overall strength of the organization, and we want you to feel connected to ITEA as you pursue your musical interests, whether you are a student, an amateur enthusiast, or a professional player or teacher. The recent overhaul of the website ( was a top priority, as there are so many things that a website can do that a quarterly journal is simply unable to accomplish.


One of the areas that we are able to enhance through the website is our Composer Friend program. In the past, our organization has recognized a relatively small number of composers who have an active interest in composing for the tuba and euphonium by offering them a Composer Friend membership. This membership entitled our friends to receive complimentary copies of the ITEA Journal, published quarterly. Because the printing and mailing of the Journal is by far the largest single expense that ITEA incurs, the idea of supplementing the number of composers included in this program was never actively pursued, largely in an effort to remain financially solvent. As a result, the roster of Composer Friends has remained relatively unchanged for quite some time.

Meanwhile, two significant things have taken place to inspire us to re-examine the Composer Friends program. First, the repertoire for both the tuba and the euphonium have exploded, both in quantity and in quality. Secondly, the Internet has allowed us to reach our constituency through the instead of relying solely on the quarterly journal to impart new information to our members.

In the new Composer Friends area, found in the members only section on the website, you will find an expanded list of new ITEA Composer Friends. When you visit this section of the site, you will find a list of all of our Composer Friends, each of whom would be hyperlinked to an individual page. Each composer page includes:

• photo and a brief biography provided by the composer
• comprehensive list of each composer’s compositions for tuba and/or euphonium, to include publisher/purchase information
• link to the composer’s personal website
• composer’s e-mail address, enabling you to contact the composer directly with any questions regarding performance preparation or commission information.

We sincerely appreciate the contributions that our Composer Friends have made for our instruments and are indebted to them for generating an evolving body of new repertoire for our instruments. We hope that you will check out this new area on the website and hope that you will find it to be a useful resource.