ITEA Vision and Mission statement

————- DRAFT ————–


The vision of the International Tuba Euphonium Association is to encourage and promote music-making among all who take an interest in the tuba or euphonium.



ITEA shall:

Foster Bonds Amongst All Tuba and Euphonium Players

  • Encourage local groups of all types, chapters, and other relevant activities
  • Provide opportunities for networking locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Maintain an interactive website, and a social media presence
  • Partner with peer organizations worldwide

Celebrate Diversity

  • Welcome members of any nationality, race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation
  • Welcome members of all playing levels, from beginners to professionals
  • Celebrate and actively promote the diverse musical styles of euphonium and tuba players worldwide
  • Actively include members from all financial backgrounds

Support Professional Development

  • By providing performance, teaching, presentation, and publishing opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities for professional training and development
  • Acknowledge individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the art and the profession.

Promote Sharing of Resources

  • Manage an online searchable database of Archives/Research materials as well as articles, pedagogical, inspirational, and learning materials
  • Provide and promote an online resource for band directors and conductors about recruiting to and improving their tuba / euphonium sections
  • Publish a journal
  • Send out a periodical email newsletter
  • Provide useful services to members, that are not provided successfully by commercial entities

Encourage Teaching and Learning

  • Help facilitate meetings between students and teachers
  • Help organize diverse international and regional conferences and gatherings that allow for the sharing of music, pedagogy, inspiration, fellowship, scholarship, and innovation
  • Maintain a “borrow an instrument” program to support talented and deserving students
  • Promote scholarships and awards through competitions and by application