Rich Matteson Jazz Competition – Artist Division

This competition is named after the legendary jazz euphonium player, Rich Matteson (1929-1993).
Rich Matteson was internationally recognized as one of the most exciting jazz soloists and clinicians. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Rich had a wide and varied career as public school music teacher, professional performer, conductor, arranger, composer and university professor. He was an outstanding recording musician in every jazz idiom.

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Category: Competition, Live
Related instrument(s): Tuba, Euphonium, Sousaphone, Baritone
Registration fee:

$85 USD

Discounted fee before December 17, 2022:

$75 USD

Application open from:

November 14, 2022

Application deadline:

January 1, 2023

To submit, you must be a paying ITEA member through:

June 3, 2023


All competitors must be ITEA members at the time of the live rounds (semifinals and finals) of the competition. Finalists and semi-finalists must be registered and present at the competition event, for example, ITEC. The competitors must never have held a full-time professional position as a musician on any instrument.


The jury is looking for excellent performances of high musical and technical standards.


There will be two deadlines for competition submissions: Before and after the “early bird” deadline. See date and fee details.
Contestants who wish to enter more than one competition must submit a separate application, fee, and recording for each competition. If any competition does not receive enough entries to be a viable competition, the competition will be canceled and all fees will be refunded.

All of the competitions with live rounds require a recorded preliminary audition. These recordings must be electronically submitted as one (1) MP3 file not to exceed 15MB, along with an electronic application. See repertoire requirements for each round. All preliminary round recordings must include accompaniment where applicable. Recordings should be unedited and include only required music with no speaking. Multiple work/movement and multiple excerpt submissions should be contained on one (1) MP3 format file only in the order specified for submission. All identifying information must be removed from the file (i.e. no names of individuals, schools or teachers in the file title or in the metadata). All recordings will be presented to judges anonymously. Any failure to follow these guidelines may result in immediate disqualification.

Adjudication panels for each competition category will feature prominent performers, scholars, and educators in the relevant field. For recorded rounds and online competitions, panels will include international musicians. For live rounds, panels will be limited to musicians able to attend ITEC. 

Accompanists will be provided by ITEC. Live round competitors will not be allowed to use their own pianist. 



Finalists and semi-finalists must be registered and present at ITEC 2023 to be held Monday, May 29 – June 3, 2023 at the Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, USA.
All competitors will pay a reduced registration fee for ITEC.


Prize amounts will be announced in early 2023.

Announcement of Winners

Winner will be announced at ITEC 2023


Dr. A.J. Miller, chair

Rounds and repertoire

1 Recorded preliminary round

This competition will also have a Young Artist division. Be sure to review the age requirements so that you enter the appropriate division!
Download iReal Pro backing tracks: competitors may use these tracks for practice and their preliminary recording.
Note that TWO tunes are required for each round. Each tune recorded will have one time through the head, two choruses of improvisation, and one final time through the head.

Download Blue Monk

Download Watermelon Man

Required repertoire:
  • Blue Monk – Thelonious Monk (key of C at q=112)
  • Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock (key of F at q=120)
2 Second round
Note that TWO tunes are required for each round. Each tune recorded will have one time through the head, two choruses of improvisation, and one final time through the head.
Required repertoire:
  • Lament – JJ Johnson
  • Solar – Miles Davis
3 Final round
Choose one of the titles below
Required repertoire:
  • Confirmation – Charlie Parker
Chosen repertoire:
  • Good Morning Heartache – Irene Higginbotham
  • Edenderry – Marshall Gilkes (available at www.marshallgilkes.com)
Registrations are now open. You can submit entries until January 1, 2023 11:59 PM
must be member through: June 3, 2023

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