Reply To: What do you think about the new website?

  • Douglas Yeo

    November 8, 2022 at 8:32 am

    How does one access complete journals, including the current issue? I’d like to see a way to easily do this from the home page. When I go to the menu bar to “Resources” and click “Journal Archive,” and then search for Volume 49 (the current volume that has four issues), only two issues come up and they do not include the current issue. See the attached photo.I can’t find Vol 49, No 4 (summer 2022) – the current issue – anywhere. Also, when I click on a Journal issue after searching for one, I get only a few articles. This seems to be a step backwards. Can we get complete copies of the Journal back? This is important for scholars who want to cite articles and need page numbers. Making Journal access easy to find would be very helpful. Thank you.