Reply To: What do you think about the new website?

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    Oystein Baadsvik

    November 4, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    Hi Mitchell

    Thanks for very useful input.

    Some comments below your points.

    1. Can there be a Non-Binary option for gender on profile information?

    Yes, definitely. What should it be called?

    2. On the public profile, perhaps better to have an email linked than a personal phone number?

    This is up to you. You can select public/hidden for each field.

    3. On the events, filters with a dark blue background and black print, it’s hard to read. I have to hover over things to read what the filters are.

    This is getting fixed now.

    4. How do we create ads? I don’t see an option, although I’m guessing it might just be closed right now.

    Will make sure this is clear.

    5.-Having photos and forums for events are great! Easy to make updates and you can provide maps and pictures.

    6. For the professional network, there ought to be some form of vetting before a posting goes live. That way you can avoid a ridiculous number of fake or spam postings. I like the filter options to help narrow all of that down.

    You must be registered an logged in to create a listing. There is a captcha check for registrations so I don’t think we will have lots of fake listings.

    However, we will keep a close eye on it and start vetting if necessary!

    7. I enjoy the aspect of social media, a degree of it feels a little unneeded with the prevalence of social media nowadays, but this way there can be a professional resource to network without too much crossing of wires.

    We will see if it gets used! One thing is for sure, lots of our members prefer not to be on Facebook