ITEA Mary Ann Craig Focus on Women Award

Open to all genders, the Mary Ann Craig FOCUS ON WOMEN Award was established in 2021 by ITEA to focus on achievements and creativity of women. A single overall winner will be chosen and presented biennially at the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference. The recipient will receive a USD $1,000 stipend. The first award will be presented at ITEC 2023.


  • The majority of work for the submitted project must be completed within the project period announced in the Award edition.
  • The nominator must be a current ITEA member
  • ITEA Board & Staff are not eligible to apply for or receive this award.


Documentation must include:

  • A written project description
  • A timeline of work completed
  • The completed project

Compositions MUST be submitted in PDF format using the submission form. Works may be published after the allowed project start date, or non-published at time of submission. A recording (live or studio performance or MIDI realization) is strongly encouraged to be submitted (electronically) with your submission but is not required (see additional guidelines for submitting recordings on the online application form).

Suggested Categories of Submissions


  • Published or unpublished (minimum 4000 words in length)
  • Monograph, chapter, book, dissertation, or thesis
  • Excerpt of the research will appear in an ITEA Journal

English translations of articles originally written in other languages must be provided for the consideration of this award.


  • Submit one electronic nomination form (link below) for each submitted recording. Albums can also be submitted electronically through Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar formats (in the application form), or CDs can be mailed to the competition chair: ITEA, c/o Deanna Swoboda, P.O. Box 1296, Gilbert AZ 85299.
  • Submitted CDs and other hard copy materials will not be returned.
  • Recordings must have a release date within the indicated project period.

Other Project (applicant does not need to be an ITEA member)

  • For projects that do not fit into other categories
  • Complete description of project
  • Timeline of completed project
  • Because of the nature of the "Other Project" category, eligible projects may substantially differ from one another. Entrants are encouraged to contact the Award Committee to determine appropriate submission materials.

Composition (women only apply - composer does not need to be an ITEA member)

  • Tuba in a Solo Role - With piano/electronic/ensemble accompaniment or unaccompanied
  • Euphonium in a Solo Role - With piano/electronic/ ensemble accompaniment or unaccompanied
  • Tuba and/or Euphonium featured in Chamber Music - One or more tubas or euphoniums with mixed instrumentation

The adjudication panelreserves the right to not name an overall winner.

CHAIR PERSON & CONTACT: Deanna Swoboda (


ITEA Mary Ann Craig Focus on Women Award 2025
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February 1, 2025
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