Electronics Competition

This competition is geared toward tuba & euphonium soloist who perform works that utilize electronics. Special consideration will be given to competitors who present original material. 


All competitors must be ITEA members at the time of the live rounds (semifinals and finals) of the competition. Finalists and semi-finalists must be registered and present at the competition event, for example, ITEC. The competitors must never have held a full-time professional position as a musician on any instrument.


Recordings must be electronically submitted as one (1) MP3 file not to exceed 15MB. All preliminary round recordings must include accompaniment where applicable. Recordings should be unedited (apart from removing silences and combining tracks) and include only required music with no speaking. Multiple work/movement and multiple excerpt submissions should be contained on one (1) MP3 format file only in the order specified for submission. All identifying information must be removed from the file (i.e. no names of individuals, schools or teachers in the file title or in the metadata). All recordings will be presented to judges anonymously.

Upload or link directly to file in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. NO VIDEOS, only sound files.

CHAIR PERSON & CONTACT: Dr. Brendan Ige, chair


Electronics Competition 2023
Closed for registration!